Social Media Strategy

Equinox Fitness

While working for StudioGood, I was given the opportunity to work with Equinox Fitness to help integrate social media through all parts of the brand. After interviewing key stakeholders and visiting locations across the country, our agency team created a plan for Equinox to become a truly social business. The heart of this strategy involved the design and implementation of a social media command center in their NYC HQ to integrate social monitoring software with HD visual hardware, creating an informative and inspiring display of real time interactions. We also developed strategies and tools for the brand in order to ensure consistency while providing their staff the freedom to build their own social followings.

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Command Center
Social Media Influencer Strategy
Social Media Employee Playbook
Veronique Zayas
creative director

“Jake was a highly organized and forward thinking project manager on dozens of Fortune 500 accounts for our agency for years. He brought fresh ideas and strategy along with a friendly easy-going approach to his client solutions. Jake was always on the look out for the next big idea and was a reliable and trusted source of inspiration.”

- Joey Leslie | President, StudioGood

main photo: Keit Trysh on Unsplash